Masterclass Audit in Public Institutions and Administration

For Organisations at International, European and National Level

A unique professional training tailor-made for your needs

We are proud to announce the new “Masterclass Audit in the Public Sector”, a unique professional training for all auditors in government, public and international institutions. Have you gathered first experience in the challenging and complex field of public sector audit? Then you fulfil the key admission requirement for the “Masterclass Audit in Public Institutions and Administration”. Join many successful graduates and advance your personal career.

Public Sector Audit – A complex professional field

As a public auditor, you are operating in a complex professional field. Your challenge is to minimise risk to your organisation and determine whether controls are in place and regulation are obeyed. However, this becomes especially demanding in organisations which operate in several or even many different countries and engage with a multitude of stakeholders.

Carrying out the especially difficult task of auditing in the public sector correctly is vital to ensure value for the tax payer’s or donor‘s money and that your organisation’s key results are achieved.

This unique Masterclass provides you with in-depth knowledge of audits in the public sector. It aims to thoroughly prepare you for your everyday work. Benefit from a wide choice of topics highly relevant to your professional field as well as knowledge exchange with experienced audit practitioners from leading public and international organisations. Use this unique advanced professional training to broaden your knowledge and acquire skills and competences for your work.


Download: Masterclass brochure

Download the Masterclass brochure here.

Masterclass Elements

In order to be awarded the “Masterclass Audit in the Public Sector” Diploma you need to successfully complete 3 compulsory Masterclass Seminars. Additionally, you need to successfully complete 4 optional Masterclass Seminars of your choice. Each seminar consists of a maximum to two training days. You need to successfully pass the Knowledge Check at the end of each Masterclass seminar in order to receive the “Masterclass Audit in the Public Sector” Diploma.

* Symposia, Conferences and Summer Academies not included
** ECTS-Points not included

Teaching Methods
CPE Credits
Organisational Matters
Masterclass Time Schedule
Masterclass Modules

Masterclass Seminar Location


The following highly qualified and experienced speakers have provided their expertise at our events:

Thierry Rajobelina

Director of Internal Audit and Oversight Division, World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)


Scott Cohen

CIA/CFE/CPCM/CGAP, Internal Auditor, NATO Support and Procurement Agency

Marco Loretti

Investigations Team Leader, Fraud Investigations Division, European Investment Bank


Agnieszka Kazmierczak

Director of Horizontal Affairs and Audit in Agencies, Internal Audit Service, European Commission


Stefano Zatti

ESA Security Office Manager, European Space Agency (ESA)


Mark Crisp

Director of Chamber IV - Revenue, Research and Internal Policies, and European Union's Institutions and Bodies, European Court of Auditors

United Kingdom

Melvyn Neate

former Director of Internal Audit, Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs

United Kingdom

Jo Kremers

Former Senior Audit Manager, Central Audit Service
Ministry of Finance, the Netherlands

Gerard van den Berg

Audit Manager, Central Audit Service, Ministry of Finance

the Netherlands

Steve Stanbury

Director of Internal Audit, City, University of London

United Kingdom

Carsten Kyhnauv

Director, Internal Audit Department, Ministry of Defence


Nataša Prah

Head of Unit, Budget Supervision Office, Ministry of Finance


Elsa Leiten

Head of Internal Audit, University of Tartu, President at IIA Estonia


Mark Vandersmissen

Manager-Auditor in the Performance Audit Section at the Agency for Internal Audit of the Flemish Government



Inscription Fee
  • Inscription fee for public administration: 7900,- Euro excl. German VAT(19%)
  • Inscription fee for participants from other sectors: 8900,- Euro excl. German VAT(19%)

The above price covers the following:

  • Participation in 3 compulsory Masterclass seminars*
  • Participation in 4 optional Masterclass seminars*
  • “Masterclass Audit in the Public Sector” Diploma**
  • Masterclass Presentations, digital version
  • Lunch on all Masterclass training days
  • Refreshments on all Masterclass training days

    * Symposia, Conferences and Summer Academies not included
    ** ECTS-Points not included


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